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Friendship Day
Do you want to know when Friendship Day 2008 is? In 2008, Happy Friendship Day date will be 3rd August.

When Is Friendship Day

Human beings, as social animals, have always valued the importance and need of friends in their lives. Nobody on Earth can live without having even a single friend. This noble feeling of friendship was given national acceptance by declaring the first Sunday of August as a holiday in the United States, named Friendship Day, to honor friendship. This was officially proclaimed by US Congress in 1935. Since then, International Friendship Day is being celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. By this standard, in 2008, the date of Happy Friendship Day will be 3rd August.

Friendship Day has gained popularity across the world and is celebrated with great enthusiasm in a large number of countries, including India. Popular traditions followed on the occasion of this day include exchange of gifts, cards, flowers, friendship bands, etc. People also dedicate poems, thoughts and quotes in the honor of their friends and express their affection. Friendship Day parties, programs and get-together are also arranged by various associations to add color to the celebrations.

Apart from International Friendship Day, there are few more days especially dedicated to friendship. These include Women's Friendship Day, celebrated on the third Sunday of August and International Friendship Month, which is celebrated in February. Old Friends and New Friends Week is also celebrated by some associations, in the third week of May. The one thing that requires special mention is that all these days celebrating the importance and need of friendship have a same underlying idea, that of expressing love for our friends.