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Friendship Day
Friendship Day ecards have gained popularity over the last few years. Know about free animated cards for Friendship Day.

Friendship Day E-cards

Friendship Day E-cards
Friendship Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm, and lots of foods, music, enjoyment and exchange of gifts, across the globe. When it comes to conveying warm thoughts and wishes to our friends, the first thing that comes to our mind is about Friendship Day cards. In the present times, Friendship Day ecards have proved to be one of the fastest ways to reach out to friends. We try our level best to recall all the names of our friends - from old and new, from far and wide - and send ecards to express our affection for them.

Friendship Day ecards have gained immense popularity over the last few years. Numerous websites provide free ecards and offer you a wide array to choose from. Printed card costs more money and also take a lot of time to deliver. By the time these printed cards reach all your friends, it may cost you a heck of money and time. This where the quick service of ecards, which allows you to send numerous Friendship Day cards to your friends in no time, comes handy! Amongst Friendship Day e-cards, animated ones are quite attractive.

These cards are full of lovely and cute animations and look very appealing. You can select a Friendship Day ecard that suits the color/depth/mood of your friendship. You can also send the same ecard to many friends. Some websites providing free ecards also give you the option to personalize your ecard. You may change the font and background color of the card or include card header and card footer and then send the ecard to the multiple recipients. If you are still not clear about how to personalize your ecard, read on.

After you have selected an ecard from a website, you can change the color, images and text of the ecard to make a personalized impression on your friend. However, while doing this, you should make sure that the proportion of color, images and text is well balanced. Too much text is not impressive. The font size of the text should not be too small, as small font size cannot have any impact. Choose colors that are soothing as well as attractive and images that everybody loves. Muted neutral colors can make your Friendship Day ecard appealing. Add your message below the ecard and send it to your beloved friends!