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Friendship Day
Flowers make up one of the best gifts for Friendship Day. Read on and get some tips on Friendship Day flower arrangement.

Friendship Day Flowers

Friendship Flowers
This Friendship Day let your floral desires stroke the heart of your best buddy. Let the fragrance of contentment, ecstasy and fondness delight your acquaintances, buddy or chum, with a bouquets of flowers. Flowers are as delight and beautiful as your relationship. They are the best way to tell your friends what value they occupy in your in your life. It is not necessary to give a huge bouquet of flowers to exhibit your emotion towards them; even a single flower can carry your hearts message to them.

On the occasion of Friendship Day, yellow roses top the list of flower. Yellow Rose was selected as the authorized flower for Friendship Day celebration, since it symbolizes bliss, friendship, pleasure and the promise of a new beginning. According to florists, a yellow rose with red tip stands for friendship and falling in love. If you are planning to give some other flower then the usual yellow roses, it is good to know what meaning it conveys. Given below is a list of other flowers in the queue of Friendship Day, along with their meaning.
  • 13 Roses - Friends Forever
  • Azalea - Take care of yourself for my sake
  • Bell Flower (Small white) - Gratitude
  • Camellia - I admire you / you are perfect in every way
  • Campanula - Gratitude
  • Carnation (Pink) - I'll never forget you
  • Chrysanthemum - You're a great friend
  • Daffodil - I send my regards / you are the only one for me
  • Daffodil Narcissus - You are an angel
  • Forget me not - Don't forget me
  • Geranium (Oak Leaved) - Our friendship is true
  • Iris - Your Friendship means so much to me
  • Ivy - Friendship
  • Lily (Yellow) - Thank you for everything
  • Periwinkle (Blue) - Beginning of friendship
  • Rose (Pink) - For my friend