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Friendship Day
Listed are few activities which you can indulge in to celebrate friendship day this year. Check out things to do on Friendship Day.

Friendship Day Activities

The first Sunday of August is quite different from the rest of the Sundays in the year- it's the Sunday dedicated purely to friends, because it's Friendship Day. It's a day of merriment and day of enjoyment. Friends are the sunshine of your life and friendship is that golden thread which ties hearts all around the globe. This friendship day, indulge in activities that would make you laugh together and have pleasurable time with your buddies. Plan the day or have a spontaneous celebration, but make the day special for your friend, because all that counts is to be with your friends and have a blast. Check out some of the activities which you can do on this special day dedicated to friends.

Things to Do on Friendship Day
  • Give a warm hug to your friend and let them that have a special place in your heart!
  • Prepare a CD or a cassette that features all the songs that define your friendship or ones that you just happen to mutually like!
  • Send your dear friends an online friendship greeting and add a special message.
  • Make a special friendship book for your best friend. You may include photos, quotes and poetry, telling your friends how special they are.
  • If you are all busy during the day, plan to go out to dinner with your friends. Dress up in your finest clothes and have a fun night that's different and rocking.
  • Organize a party for your friends on the occasion of Friendship's Day. No need to splurge too much on the decorations and gifts. Make it simple and fun. Order junk food and make the ambience nice and calm. Have a good collection of music and you are set to party. You can also organize a theme party, wherein everyone has to dress up like a particular character according to the theme.
  • Watch a nice movie together. You can head to the nearest theater and watch it there. While outside, you can also catch up on some shopping and have lunch together. If you don't want to go outside, hire some movies and DVD's and watch it with friends, at the comfort of your home.
  • Plan a sleepover at your home. Call your friends, rent some horror movies, have loads of popcorn and you are all set to enjoy with your friends. If you have a backyard, put up a tent and lie down under the night sky, watching the billions of twinkling stars above.