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Friendship Day
Listed are some of the ideas on celebrating the true nature of friendship on its special day. Check out tips for Friendship Day celebrations.

Friendship Day Celebrations

Friends are those people who come into our lives and leave footprints in such a way that we are never ever the same again. They are people who walk in when others walk out. Friends enrich our lives. Friendship is the most sanctimonious relationship of all that we possess in our entire lives, for it is the foundation and the base of all. Friendship day is celebrated to honor the true spirit of being 'friends forever'. It gives us an opportunity to display our feelings and make our friends feel special and great. Check out some of the tips and ideas on celebrating Friendship Day with your pals and buddies.

Friendship Day Celebration Ideas
  • Write a letter or a card for your friends, which would perfectly portray your feelings towards them.
  • Get them a small present - bouquet of flowers, gift, chocolate or cakes. If possible, leave it anonymously for that added bit of suspense, which would make an interesting start for the day.
  • Since it's on a Sunday, preplan a weekend trip to a place on the outskirts of your city. Have your destination set right for loads of adventure and excitement, which usually accompanies any trip made with friends.
  • Organize a potpourri party and invite all your old pals for a feast of lunch. Surprise them with a small token as a gift, when they depart. This would add to the fun and excitement that the day was spent in.
  • In case you are catching up with your friends after a long time, instead of going out to a mall or a catching up on movie, invite friends to your place and play some interesting games and have your hearts out.
  • If you meet your friends on a regular basis, as in school or college, you can spend the day at a different locale. Go in for a movie or catch up in a restaurant or a coffee place.
  • Adults can even party out till late at night, by going to a discotheque and having a blast out there. Make sure that the place is safe.
  • Plan a special day with your best friend or friendship group. A picnic is always a fun and great idea for all ages. If you're physically-inclined, try activities, such as bowling, golf, rollerblading, cricket or going to the beach.