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Friendship Day
Sending handmade/homemade Friendship Day cards to your friends is a nice idea. Get some ideas on how to make Friendship Day cards.

Handmade Friendship Day Cards

Handmade Friendship Day Cards
Greeting card is a wonderful way to express your heartfelt feelings to someone. The exchange of beautiful greetings cards with thoughtful messages is an old custom, followed in many occasions, including Friendship Day. Whether they are electronic, printed or handmade, cards can bring a bright smile on anyone's face. This Friendship Day, why not make your own card and give it to your friends? It is, in fact, a nice idea to show your novelty by sending handmade Friendship Day cards to your beloved friends, who have added meaning to your life.

If you are a bit worried as to how to make a Friendship Day card, relax. All you need is some colorful papers, cutter, glue and some colors. You can choose color pencils, pastels or even water colors to make greeting cards. Next, cut the colorful papers in your desired shape. Add some lovely images and a Friendship Day thought or a famous Friendship Day quote or else, write your own thought about your friendship. This way, you can express feelings that come straight away from your heart. Your homemade card is ready!

Making greeting cards of on your own is a rewarding way to spending your leisure time. Gathering ideas for card making, colorful papers for cards, embellishments, quotes and sayings is really a joyful experience. The feelings of a handmade greeting card cannot be purchased from the stores. When making a greeting card becomes so special, receiving it gives immense pleasure! So, this Friendship Day, send your friend a handmade Friendship Day card and cherish the moments on the special day!