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Friendship Day
Check out the collection of the friendship poems/poetry given here. All of them describe the special relationship between friends.

Poems for Friends

A treasured relationship like friendship is not always easy to describe. However, it does find expression in the form of poems. The origin of this beautiful relationship dates back to the creation of mankind. Friends are those special people without whom our life is incomplete. Our friends, in a very true sense, reflect the choices we make in life. If you are correct, you possess a treasure and if you are wrong, you are responsible for your own ruins. In short, the selection of your friends can make or mar your life.

There are different shades of friendship also. Most of the times, poets have tried to glorify friendship in their writings. Poets from almost every era have opted to write on this subject of beautiful and selfless bonding Poems are beautiful descriptions of the feelings of your heart to the most compassionate companion of your life. There are abundant of poems that describe the beautiful relationship of friendship. This section comprises of some poetry based on the feeling shared by friends.