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Friendship Day
Writing a letter for your friend is the best way of communicating your feeling on Friendship Day. Check out some ideas and tips.

Friendship Day Letters

Letters are the best way one can express his/her deep inner feelings to a person. It is perhaps the only means which gives rightful vent to your sensitivity and emotions. It lets the other person know your true self, because when it comes to writing we usually tend to pen down our deep inner thoughts which we might not articulate through words spoken verbally. A hand written letter, filled with heart felt gratitude, might be the best gift which you can give to your beloved friend on this Friendship Day. Check out some ideas and tips that will help you in penning down your thoughts, in the form of a Friendship Day letter.
  • Your letter need not be an exclusive work of literature or prose, but it should surely be an exposition of your feelings for your friend.
  • Make an effort to get a nice letter-pad from the market, rather than write it on a piece of paper torn from the middle of the notebook.
  • Gather your thoughts before penning it down. Think about you want to write and then start writing.
  • Put down some old records or reminisces about the happy times.
  • Attach a photograph with the letter, which depicts the beautiful relationship that the two of you share.
  • In case there is no photograph, chip in some stickers of cartoon characters that both of you adore.
  • Create a riot of colors, but make sure that it's not overdone.
  • Write a joke or two to have humor in your letter
  • Start on a light note and proceed slowly to make it a platform for the expression of your feelings
  • End with an emotional touch to let them know how much they mean to you.
  • Do remember to thank your friend for being there always.
  • Whatever you do, just make sure that you need not be perfect at it. The thought of writing a letter and the effort undertaken matters the most, while rest can just be excluded.