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Friendship Day
Do you want to know about celebrating Friendship Day in the world? Come; let's explore Friendship Day celebrations around the world.

Friendship Day Around the World

Bible, the holiest text of Christians, says that friendship is the warmest of all bonds in this entire creation. The foundation of this relationship is based on the principles of trust, support, loyalty, understanding, empathy, intimacy, conflict and anger. In fact, there are more emotions to this acquaintance than words would permit. Friendship is the one and only relationship which humans are free to choose and is not provided with right from birth. This acquaintance, which we form, is an enriching experience and gradually, it becomes the means and ends to our lives. Friendship Day is celebrated in almost all the countries, as a way of celebrating this outstanding bond of human kind. Given below is information on Friendship Day celebrations around the world.

Friendship Day in India
The notion of friendship is not new to India, as the great Indian epic Mahabharata is evident of the tales of friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudhama. However, till some time back, the entire concept of friendship as such was not marked by any kind of celebration for the Indians. It was in the recent past that Friendship Day gained so much of popularity in India. Today, Friendship Day is celebrated through the length and breadth of the country, though it is still restricted mainly to the youngsters.

Friendship Day celebrations in India are marked by exchange of gifts, cards, tying of friendship bands, sending SMS and e-cards. A week before the day, markets get loaded with numerous gift and articles. Restaurateurs offer special discounts on holding bashes on this day. Advertising campaigns generate awareness about Friendship Day festival, dedicated especially to the ever loving friends. Although Friendship Day was realized lately in India, it is now celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal here also.

Friendship Day in U.S.A
The tradition of dedicating a day in honor of friends began in US in 1935. Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. People in US celebrate this occasion in a very colossal way. The spirit of celebrating this day is prominent in youngsters as well as the elders. They find it an opportunity to thank their friend for their selfless support and care. The spirit of celebration seems to dominate the entire city. People are busy finding gifts for their closest chums, just to convey the warmth of their heart to their friends.

Most of the people love to visit their habitual hangouts and plan a special dinner or lunch with their friend. The restaurants are well decorated and offer special delicacies on the occasion. The confectioners and bakeries find it a special festival to display all the varieties available. Markets also adopt the theme of friendship. They are flooded with Friendship Day cards, toys and chocolates. The choice of celebrating varies from person to person. The entire country participates in the race of celebrating the day. The atmosphere it creates and provides is perfect one to sing the glory of true friendship.